H& JIN premium lactobacillus pet (30 packs)

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H&JIN lactic acid bacteria

** This product is a health food, not a drug

Private brand in Japanese hospitals

Japanese H&JIN cats and dogs
The EF-2001 immune lactic acid bacteria is known as the "best lactic acid bacteria in the world"

Japanese pet hospital sales champion products, each containing 200 billion lactic acid bacteria

The EF-2001 bacterium has been recognized as the world's premium lactic acid bacteria, and is also being developed and patented by Japan.

Effective ingredient EF-2001 lactic acid bacteria can activate the intestinal tract
It can make you love to get rid of the smell of smell, smell, smell and bad breath, and can enhance the function of intestinal tract to improve immunity, easily absorb, improve digestion of intestinal tract and promote development.

1. Promotion of immunity and resistance

2. Improving sensitive diseases and symptoms (skin disease)

3. Promoting the absorption of nutrients such as protein, calcium and magnesium, promoting growth and improving osteoporosis.

4. Increase the intestinal beneficial flora and restore the flora balance in the gut.

5. Reduce the reproduction of corrupt bacteria and eliminate toxins produced by corrupt bacteria

6. Vitamin B beneficial substances are produced by biological responses, raising the level of metabolism

7. Improving diarrhoea and constipation

Available for cats and dogs can greatly improve intestinal problems and enhance the immune ability of pets

The more gut-sensitive pets are recommended for use, with no side effect.

A taste: sweet taste, easy entry

Origin: Japan

Eating method: adding feed or cans to eat together

5 Kg Below-1 pack per day
5 ~ 10 Kg-Daily 2 packs
10 Kg above-3 packs per day