Policy changes on sending to Hong Kong and Macao

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In order to make it more convenient for customers to receive goods more quickly, and to make it more economical to purchase large quantities of customers, the company's method of sending goods to Hong Kong has been changed as follows:

Hong Kong and Macao


  1. It's delivered to you directly from Japan
  2. Take your own point
  3. SF express delivery in Hong Kong and Macao

It's delivered to you directly from Japan

It takes 3-10 days for the goods to arrive in Hong Kong, and 2-5 working days after the goods are sent out

If direct delivery from Japan is required in Macao, please contact the service personnel

Take your own point

Room D1 (1), 12 / F, phase I, Hengfeng Industrial Building, 2G Heyuan street, Hung Hom, Kowloon
D1(1)ON 12th Floor

Hang Fung Industrial Building Phase 1
NO.2G Hok Yuen Street

Office hours: 10-12am
Monday to Saturday

be careful:

  • Need to make an appointment the day before
  • Closed on Sundays and public holidays


Booking number is + 852 9834 4956 (please contact WhatsApp as much as possible)

The goods will arrive in Hong Kong within 3-20 working days from the date of order. There may be delay due to special circumstances such as Hong Kong or Japanese festivals and holidays

When the goods arrive in Hong Kong, they will contact the pick-up point by email

Hongkong SF express on delivery

After the arrival of goods in Hong Kong, the goods will be sent on delivery within 1-2 days from the next day

If you need smart cabinet or Shunfeng station to collect it by yourself, please provide the correct code and address in the remarks column. If the address is incorrect, you need to re deliver the goods, and the extra transportation fee will be recovered

Please note that air transport may be delayed due to various unknown factors, such as Japan / Hong Kong Festival busy period
If the express company entrusted by our company delivers the goods according to the address provided by you, but the receiver refuses to accept the delivery goods, the company reserves the right to charge you the relevant fees for the delivery service

For SF charges, please refer to SF express website